Women Sent to Early Grave By Her Cruel Husband – Domestic Violence

For how long would innocent women continue to suffer from callous husbands, for how long would cruel husbands continue to send innocent women to early graves? Are we going to watch men who have no regard for womanhood to torture, disrespect and murder women?

Women! it is time we fight for our right, let us stop giving silly excuses to remain in an abusive marriage. 

A single lady that boyfriend beats today, apologizes tomorrow, should run for her dear life. Marriage should not be endured, it should be enjoyed. 

Read this sad story of woman who violently sent to early grave by her cruel husband

”I came across this touching story on MPN blog. Please read and share because it can save a life.

As I am typing this, she is laying peacefully in her grave. She was laid to rest today 23rd may at exactly 10am. I am in tears. I know this lady very well and its very unfortunate she left the marriage in death.  All the people telling her to stay and save her marriage are the same people saying she should have left the marriage, they are blaming her now because she is gone and can’t do or say anything.This is a true story!

I know her very well. The last time we discussed was the day I went to advertise my handbags to her, I told her no man is worth dying for ,I told her to take a walk but she maintained that the man would change that people told her to put him in prayers.See where it landed her!

She was just 32. She was pretty. She left her job in UNILEVER because her husband wanted her to stay and take care of one of his shops. Everyone around them saw it and now she is gone ,they are blaming her for not taking a walk. Everyone knew about it, the physical/verbal abuse, the public embarrassment and all.He beats her anywhere and anytime. He beats her in the presence of his boys and sometimes in front of customers.

A week before her death,I saw her inside the market with a red face and a swollen eye, five(hand) marks were very visible on her pretty face. If he tells her to prepare egusi soup for him, when he comes home, he would tell her he is no longer intrested in egusi, that he wants ogbono. The next day you will see her walking up and down inside the market looking for the best ogbono, the best stockfish, the best dryfish and the cleanesr ugu to buy all because she wants to please him. We buy soup things from the same woman in the market, the woman have jokingly asked her one day “na everyday you dey cook soup”” her reply was “”na so my Oga want am ooo” that woman has not been herself since she heard about the lady’s death.

She dares not talk to anybody when her husband is around , whether male or female unless the person is a customer and she is attending to him or her. The day she entertained me in their shop was the day he travelled. If he was in town, dem no born her well!

He cheated on her with the girls that worked in a saloon close to their shop . She stopped warning them because the more she warned them ,the more her husband glued to them. Her warning those girls made him worse and always fetched her sound beating.

This lady worships the ground her husband walks on. I keep wondering why he treated her like trash. When the news of her death was broken to us that fateful day in may 7th 2015,it didn’t come as a surprise because we all know with the way he treated her, she wouldn’t last in the marriage. May her soul rest in peace’

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